5 de març de 2014

Talking about... Decline and Fall d’Evelyn Waugh

El proper dijous 6 de març a les 19 h continuem el nostre 4t Cicle de tertúlies en anglès Talking about... Ens trobarem a la Biblioteca Pompeu Fabra per practicar l'anglès i parlar sobre aquest llibre i el seu autor.

Evelyn Waugh
(born October 28, 1903, London, England—died April 10, 1966, Combe Florey, Somerset).

English writer regarded by many as the most brilliant satirical novelist of his day. Waugh attended Lancing College, Sussex, and Hertford College, Oxford. His early novels won acclaim for their sophisticated wit and technical innovation. His first popular success was Decline and Fall (1928), a scathing satire based on his teaching experiences. Waugh travelled extensively throughout the 1930s, and many of his writings reflected his experiences abroad. A string of satirical novels published in the 1930s were well received; they included Vile Bodies (1930); A Handful of Dust (1934) and Scoop (1938). He also published several travel books, including Remote People (1931), Ninety-Two Days (1934), Waugh in Abyssinia (1936), and Robbery under Law: The Mexican Object Lesson (1939). Waugh converted to Roman Catholicism in 1930, and after the conversion he began to introduce religious themes into his writings. The most notable example of this development is Brideshead Revisited (1945), considered by many critics to be Waugh's best novel. During World War II Waugh joined the Royal Marines and the Royal Horse Guards. Upon his discharge from the military Waugh retired to Somerset, England, where he lived until his death.

Decline and Fall

Expelled from Oxford for indecent behavior, Paul Pennyfeather is oddly unsurprised to find himself qualifying for the position of schoolmaster at Llanabba Castle. His colleagues are an assortment of misfits, including Prendy (plagued by doubts) and captain Grimes, who is always in the soup (or just plain drunk).

Activitat a càrrec de Laura Patricio.

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