27 de febrer del 2012

Talking about... The Street Lawyer de John Grisham

El proper dijous dia 1 de març a les 19h continuem el nostre 2n Cicle de tertúlies en anglès Talking about... Ens trobarem per practicar l'anglès i parlar sobre aquest llibre i el seu autor.

John Grisham
(February 8, 1955, Jonesboro, Arkansas, U.S.)

American writer whose legal thrillers often topped best-seller lists and were adapted to film. Grisham grew up in Southaven, Mississippi. Inspired by a trial he observed in 1984, Grisham took three years to write his first novel, A Time to Kill (1989). His next novel was The Firm (1991), about a law-school graduate who is seduced into joining a Memphis law firm that turns out to be a front for the Mafia. Grisham wrote his third novel—The Pelican Brief (1993) —in only three months. Another novel, The Client (1993), sacrificed roller-coaster suspense for humor and slapstick energy. He continued his success with such titles as The Chamber (1994), The Rainmaker (1995), The Runaway Jury (1996) and The Testament (1999). In 2001 Grisham detoured from his formulaic legal thrillers with A Painted House. However, he also maintained his steady output of legal fiction, with The Summons (2002), The Last Juror (2004), The Appeal (2008), and The Litigators (2011) among his later works in the genre.

The Street Lawyer

Michael Brock is a wealthy and successful lawyer in Washington DC, but one day a homeless old man walks into the office armed. The old man is shot by the police, and Michael soon realizes that his law firm, Drake & Sweeney, had made the old man homeless. Michael decides that he can no longer work for the law firm. He meets Mordecai Green, who runs a law firm which helps the homeless, and decides to join him.

Activitat a càrrec de Laura Patricio.

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